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They might not know full measure what they voted for, but they knew the general direction of it.
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Posted by: robertb

08/20/2022, 19:28:09

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Many (most?) of those voting Crat do want freedom from the law. They have been conditioned to think they are the victims and the law is against them.
They want the government to give them more programs and assistance. They want to blame The Man on why their life is not going well. Personal responsibility has been erased.

Each time things get worse, they vote for the further appeasement of the guilty, because it isn't the fault of the guilty any more than their lack is their own fault.
They fully believe the system is against them, so down with the system.
That they fail to understand the full consequence doesn't make them a contributor to the problem.

And of course the ruling elite understand but they also understand they need more strife to get more power. The elite think they can ride it out long enough for them and their kids to benefit and don't worry about it not being sustainable.

The Roman senate knew that they had to placate the mob, and as long as they did, they could live the life of luxury. The current ruling class is in the exact same situation.

The little people are expendable. After all, they will just make more of them. So long as the elite are not infringed on, it is of no consequence. Case in point your above celebrity. It wasn't until his friend personally suffered did he even see there is a problem.

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