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Make that six - a few minutes after I posted the above, a body was found on fire in South Central L.A.
Re: Five murdered in L.A. Mexifornia in 24-hours in four separate incidents. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/20/2022, 13:53:24

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Generally, when a body is found on fire it's considered a homicide (murder) since most people do not set themselves on fire (unless they are Buddhist monks protesting the Viet Nam war). The location was not far from the street where two innocent people were murdered in a car crash by a criminal in a Cadillac fleeing a traffic stop (Manchester Blvd).

Recent reports on the hospitalized survivor of the car crash early Friday morning is they will not survive (burns) making the total seven in thirty six hours (one murder every five hours).

Liberalism is not just a bunch of harmless clowns without make-up doing college class experiments in radical government, they are horribly, lethally dangerous - to themselves as well as everyone else.

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