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LA County claims nearly 50% of signatures for Gascon recall were invalid, ending second recall attempt.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/16/2022, 02:34:34

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It does not matter who signs the petition- all that matters is who APPROVES the signatures for the petition.

This is another classic gangster move. Claiming the initiative didn't qualify and making it difficult to verify in time to get it on the ballot. So even if they discover after the election that the county "made mistakes" it will already have been kept off the November ballot, which was the whole purpose for the move in the first place.

Brilliant. Stalinist, but unquestionably astute. Right out of Rules for Radicals. Got to hand it to them. They are evil as sin but very adept with using political machinery as weapons.

I had a bad feeling that Soros-backed Gasconvict allies in the L.A. County system would find a way to disqualify as many signatures as necessary. Sad to see that I was right.

Lawlessness abounds and now the decline will continue. The radical revolutionary socialists who support Gasconvict are crowing with obscene, repulsive, odious things to say about both the "great leadership" of the murderous Gasconvict's policies, and with vicious, incendiary, dehumanizing rhetoric about anyone who supports the recall (law enforcement and conservative groups).

Typical vicious, cowardly Marxists. Graceless in either victory or defeat.

Too many 'Crats are animals that wear clothing and speak.

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