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Let's ALL play, "Who's smarter than a 'Crat 'journalist' " ...muzz arrested in murders of (4) other muzz.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/10/2022, 07:27:51

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'Sunni Muslim' suspect is arrested for serial killing of FOUR Muslim men in Albuquerque | Daily Mail Online

Before a suspect was announced, the ACF "journalists" were falling all over themselves predicting (hoping) the murderer would turn out to be a white male (note: I refuse to capitalize the first letter  of words denoting ethnicity unless using a proper noun like "Latino").

 For example an idiotic Associated Press article quoted some local "academic" ('Crat ACF college teacher) who pointed out that "most hate crimes against Muslims are committed not by a single person but by a group of white males".

I thought that was a grotesquely misleading (and likely false) statement because by far - most MURDERS or SHOOTINGS of Muslims in the USA have been committed by OTHER MUZZ, not by any "small group of white males".  

This is the error in looking to "academics" for analysis in regard to homicides/murders. Anyone even casually following the issue of muzz murders in the US or anywhere else, knows that most muzz are murdered either by muzz terrorists en masse or by other muzz in honor-killings, etc. 

So when I first heard about the murders, my first thought was, "honor killing or other sectarian issue between muzz," as the motive. 

After a suspect was arrested, the press dragged its heels as long as it could to NOT report the name of the suspect 'cause  he is a Sunni muzz. LEOs have speculated (based on evidence so far) the trigger event may have been the marriage of his daughter to a Shiite muzz instead of a Sunni muzz.*

Despite all of the bloviating from the ACFs, the naked facts are that most hate-crimes are against black people and Jewish people in the US. There has been a slight uptick against muzz by non-muzz after 9-11-2001, and against Asians after the Wuhan Flu pandemic hit the world, but that is still a small fraction of total hate crimes. 

Also, hate crimes overall against muzz have DECLINED precipitously over recent years - there were only one per year in the previous five years in the area where the murders took place. 

So any sane homicide detective likely would have figured out that the suspect would (as 95% of other muzz murderers in the USA in the history of the nation) be a pissed-off muzz looking for "honor" (vengeance), not a "small group of white males". 

*Iraq and Iran killed probably as many as two million muzz in the war between their countries (circa 1980s.) Iraq is mostly governed/dominated by Sunni while Iran is almost purely Shiite. The ancient, ongoing sectarian hatred between Shiite and Sunni is at least as bad (infinitely worse) than that between Catholics/Protestants.  

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