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"It's difficult to tell what is parody." heh
Re: Brittney Griner Rewarded With 9 Years Of Not Hearing The U.S. National Anthem -- Babylon Bee -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/06/2022, 21:48:13

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Nigh impossible these days.

Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone else happened to see the "doctored" video someone put out that got "fact checked" because (get this) it showed Xiden standing next to his wife as she speaks at a podium, he turns at the sound of an ice-cream truck jingle being played off camera, then shuffles off toward it... see, the "fact checkers" did not realize it was a satire!!! They very seriously posted a notice "the video was doctored by adding the sound of an ice cream truck". No shit !?! Really!?!

Someone needs to do an I.Q.-check on the "fact-checkers", apparently. Xiden's condition is so bad, that his supporters actually have to do damage control for a video that shows him wandering off stage in pursuit of an ice cream truck. It is clearly then within the realm of credibility apparently. My good LORD!!

I'm not sure what is more-amusing -the video itself or the reaction of the 'Crat fact checkers treating it as possibly real.

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