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No question. 'Crats want to find "collusion" everywhere EXCEPT where it actually exists.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/04/2022, 00:28:56

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Every single accusation 'Crats smear opponents with are in reality only true when applied to themselves.

The gummint WANTS the infection rate to rise, so companies making the tests are only too happy to oblige. The tests being used by the government are equally bogus.

The infection rate is likely much lower (possibly as much as 50% or more) due to willfully skewed numbers from hospitals (which make more money when infectons rates are reported as higher), and of course pharmaceutical companies can charge billions for "vaccines" which don't really prevent infection.

People simply refuse to believe that corruption is actually that wide-spread or invasive to government. Seriously though, it's not really as bad as pessimists think- it's actually much, much worse.

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