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Aiman al Zawahiri collects his retirement benefit - dies screaming on the business-end of a Predator drone strike.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/01/2022, 23:33:55

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That loathsome, soft-spoken, evil child-raping, back-alley muzz faggot is finally dead just like his faggot buddy Obama bin Laden. 'Bout friggin' time. One down, roughly 500 million to go. Only good radical Islamist jihaddist izza...heh 

The fact that Xiden is taking credit for this is pathetic. The ONLY thing he and the 'Crats can "take credit" for is that they somehow failed to ruin the U.S. military completely enough to prevent an effective covert strike on a high-value target. 

Similar to how the only thing the 'Crats can rightfully take credit for in regard to deployment of the James Webb space telescope is that they somehow did not find a way to muck up that program the way they have mucked up 99% of everything else they have meddled with since taking over the government. 

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