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The anti-conservative fanatic obsession with encouraging people "not to be afraid" is horribly, lethally stupid.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/21/2022, 02:40:07

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Case in point - Mexifornia politicians are big on using terms like "living without fear" and "not giving in to fear". Newsflash to 'Crats - some fears will keep you alive a lot longer if you not only live with them but also let them change your behavior.

For instance

There are some parts of town where it is unsafe for drag queens to strut their stuff. If they're on Sunset Blvd near the 9000 block (west Hollywood) you're probably O.K. to go with the feather boa, the tight Rhinstone dress, stiletto heels and heavy rouge. But on Polk Avenue in Sylmar near Foothill Blvd, you are asking for trouble.

See, there are a LOT of heavily armed homeboys in Sylmar in that part of the world - who are "old-school". IOW, they don't much like the idea of a drag-queen sauntering, sashaying, flitting and floating through the neighborhood. They do not like it at all. It does not amuse them in the slightest.
So such people often would think nothing of rolling up on some transexual and shooting them. Which is what happened. Anyone with an I.Q. larger than their age could easily have understood that such a thing was inevitable in Sylmar, because simply put - Sylmar is not and never will be West Hollywood.

Another example of how being unafraid can kill you may be found in the obsessive leftist encouragement to "people of color" to "resist" when confronting law enforcement.

Resisting arrest is not only illegal, it's dangerous as Hell. THere is no easy way to determine exactly how many dull-witted, easily influenced black people have died because they followed the encouragement of anti-conservative fanatics ('Crats) to "resist" law enforcement instead of cooperating with them.

A typical case involving a black male who was "not afraid" to resist arrest, comes to mind. What happened was detectives were doing surveillance on a drug trafficker. Undercover detective sees a vehicle do a drug deal, attempts to pull the car over and arrest the driver. Detective exits his own car, gun drawn pointing at suspect in his car, orders him to exit the vehicle with hands up. Instead, the driver was not afraid to put his car in drive, aim it at the detective and floor it!! Guess what - he did not survive. The detective dodged the murder-attempt but was able to get off some rounds - some of which struck the driver, who died of his wounds.

Some fears are good things.

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