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If we start the party that will likely get him to show up.
Re: Waiting for Teebone to show up before we start the party. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

07/21/2022, 01:11:52

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I believe Mr. Teebone is a man of action.

Whenever I read the description of a Gun Slinger in Stephen King's Dark Tower, it reminds me of how I believe Barry to be...

It is a part of the story where some locals who have enlisted (by contract) the help of a Gun Slinger (elite assassin/warrior from a place known as Gilead) named Roland Deschain. An attack on the town's adversaries is planned (robotic murderers sent by evil men to kill everyone) but the local tries to discourage Roland from executing the attack (out of cowardice). Deschain lets the man speak, then responds:

"The words you say may be true, I do not know. I am a gun slinger and a gun slinger does not deal in words - a gunslinger deals in lead."

Barry must have loved hearing about the Indiana Mall hero - the white dude who God put directly in front of the restroom the shooter emerged from shooting - heavily armed intent on going on a quest for the highest body count he could in the mall (he had more than 1000 rounds, two rifles and a Glock).
The video showed that the murderer came out shooting and killed three people immediately - but the hero actually heard/saw the first shots and immediately followed the shooter, drawing his own concealed pistol. It took the hero only 15 seconds to get off ten rounds and put EIGHT of them on target, killing the shooter immediately.

The savage emasculated, cowardly braying of the hoplophobes is sublime. They can't BELIEVE the hero is being treated as a great human being. For hoplophobic deviates, courage is a mental disorder and cowardice is simply common sense.

REUAGE!! I mean, what else can one do with people of that magnitude of stupidity?

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