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Another Soros sociopath in a suit, NY AG Braga collapses under fear of recall, drops murder charge against bodega clerk for defending himself against attack from bigger, younger criminal gang member.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/19/2022, 18:35:53

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So once again, the cacogens in government are starting to fear the People. Being afraid of the voters is the only way government ever behaves itself. The second government officials believe they no longer have to fear consequences for their actions, they become licentious, mendacious, vicious, cowardly, parasitic, lethally destructive vermin.

If only there were a vaccine which forced people to speak only the truth (as in the feature film "Liar Liar"). Furthermore, it would be just if it were determined by the People that those most in need of being forced to speak only the truth were elected officials and powerful bureaucrats. So the People would by force of law, compel all government officials and managers to be vaccinated with the truth serum, whether they liked it or not.

Imagine how AG Braga's announcement would have gone if he had first been vaccinated:

Braga: Not long after announcing charges, I experienced an acute anxiety attack when numbers came in about how many NY voters disagreed violently with my decision to charge the store clerk with murder for defending himself. Because I am greedy, incompetent and stupid, I am deathly afraid of being recalled, and (visible shudder) no longer having my own little bucket to dip into the Public Money River. So, I have decided to drop the charges. Let me be perfectly clear, I did not make this decision because I have sympathy for the man who was charged, frankly I hate him and anyone like him. I also hate everyone who disagrees with me and would love to murder them myself...uh, my GOD!! DID I just SAY that or only think it!?! "

The say-one-thing-do-another-mayor (Twoface) is engaging in verbal acrobatics trying to make it appear that he is in favor of stopping the ultra-liberal woke policies his party (and AG Braga) enforces. The fool has no intention of changing much of anything fundamentally in the city he administrates if it conflicts with orders from his Masters. No stop and frisk, no enforcement of laws on the books against felons - all of the policies that would help are those advocated and practiced by Republicans and other conservative candidates/officials.

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