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The hoplophobe credo: I would rather watch my loved ones murdered horribly and die on my knees blubbering for mercy than to ever use a weapon on another human being.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/19/2022, 17:53:17

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This subject was explored in literature in a book titled " The Time Machine". (spoiler alert) Author H.G. Wells hypothesized that if trends continued for thousands of years, one part of Humanity would become rabbit-like passive, helpless, infantile creatures incapable of defending themselves with any sort of violence or weapon. While another, much stronger, predatory branch of Humanity (Morlocks) follows a different path - preying upon the Eloi for food.

There is no way to live a good life in this world without having a rational attitude about violence. Unfortunately, with hoplophbes rationality goes out the window in the first place - they did not arrive at their beliefs through a rational process, and so may not be convinced to change their opinion through rational debate. 

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