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If monkeypox was being spread only by whites, conservatives or Christians it would be front-page coverage, 24/7...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/16/2022, 15:04:13

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But because it's being spread like HIV/AIDS virtually exclusively by homosexual males, lesbians, transexuals, bisexuals the anti-conservative fanatics are trying to smother any information about the primary vector of monkeypox.


Let us be clear on how such a disease may be spread - the open, oozing sores of the infected must be rubbed against or they must otherwise spread organic fluids to another person's skin or internally (by intimate contact).

Most normal people would not find it difficult to avoid that type of activity altogether, must less when a virus epidemic is involved. But that is asking too much apparently from our homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transexual communities.

See, hard narcotics-abuse, prostitution and promiscuity are all part and parcel of the infamous gay party circuit. Just 0.5% of the population has kept the HIV/AIDS problem endemic in the USA for over thirty years (BTW, there is still no AIDS vaccine after all that time of it being "just over the horizon"). So likely will be the case with monkeypox. The government will deploy a vaccine, but the disease will remain endemic forever because it, just like HIV/AIDS has and will keep a transmission rate well above one.**

* The effort to smother the information about how monkeypox is spread has largely failed already. The attempt by "officials" to replace the name "monkeypox" with something more politically correct (only racialist ACFs would feel that the term "monkey" is in itself somehow controversial) failed. The disease is still being referred to widely as monkeypox because (again identical to HIV), the disease seems to have jumped from primates to humans (possibly jumped BACK to humans) from either sub-Saharan Africa or South America.

** Transmission rate - Is the term referring to the average number of people each infected person spreads the pathogen to before they are either cured, cease being contagious or die. As long as a diseases transmission rate remains above "1" it will likely not disappear from the population, but remain endemic.

HIV /AIDS always had an average transmission rate of "2" which means that every person infected on average infects two other people before they stop being contagious. Even with a minuscule percentage of the population infected, a transmission rate above (1) will likely perpetuate any epidemic indefinitely.

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