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Literally every single vituperation/accusation the 'Crats hurl at their adversaries are more-accurately applied to the 'Crats themselves.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/01/2022, 18:18:20

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ANTIFA is a perfect example. Violence as SOP and as a method of first resort (not last) is typical of fascist organizations. What ANTIFA believes is that violence is fine as long as it is being directed at those who most strongly disagree with/oppose them.

All rodents feel that way (see classic film; "Willard").The hatred they naturally feel towards themselves (because they have embraced savagery) must be turned upon others to avoid experiencing humiliation. In the clip Willard is saying, "You made me hate myself". No Willard, you have done that yourself by making yourself hateful.


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