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Equally plausible in all regards - pompous overstatements and inflammatory vituperation are SOP for 'Crat leaders these days.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/28/2022, 05:28:22

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The correlation to Georgia's actions with Delta is fully likely IMO.

If that is the case, and DeSantis has to relent it is unlikely to harm him politically much - most voters prefer excessively-strong action to slow action or inaction.

Bottom line for the CEO is that at some point he will have to either temper his radicalism or risk his job (since he is supposed to be putting the interests of the company above his own ideology).

Disney will already likely suffer loss of revenue at that park from people turned off (or who don't buy packages for families) in addition to the hit the stock has taken because of the bad PR.

I guess we will see whether the Board of Directors and voting stock-holders approve of that fool's leadership.

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