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Oligarch buys Twitter for $44 billion - preventing other oligarchs from buying it.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/25/2022, 16:16:14

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No reason to post the article - there are enough out there to choose. In case someone didn't notice the subject-line in this post is intended as a joke. The pop-kulture largely driven by ACFs have once-again ruined a perfectly good word by giving it a popularism which has nothing whatsoever to do with its actual meaning, "oligarch" has come to mean any very wealthy person (autarch) who is either a despot/pariah (Putin, et al) or someone with ideology which disagrees with or opposes the Democrat Party.

Musk is an "oligarch" but Soros is not. Trump is an "oligarch" but Bezos is not.

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