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Pay no attention to the man trying to shake hands with the air...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/21/2022, 00:23:34

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PolitiFact runs cover for Biden, declares viral clip of him 'shaking hands' with air is 'false' | Fox News

One of my favorite Tolkien quotes, "When the plan is ripe, it may no longer be concealed".

The cat is out of the bag as far as anti-conservative-fanatic mass media companies are concerned. Most people don't believe they are:

1) Honest/accurate
2) Objective/unbiased each time they try to do damage-control for the Great Leader they merely make themselves laughable - cognitive dissonance is difficult to eradicate once detected. People smell mendacity and wrinkle their noses.

Perfect example - people can plainly see the clip and observe for themselves that Xiden turns with hand extended in the attempt to shake someone's hand. Lame excuses or explanations are futile.

This is similar to when Xiden stumbled walking up the stairs to an airplane - the panicked ACF mass media tried to convince everyone there was "gusty wind" when the weather service reported no wind at all, much less "gusts".

After a while people just start to giggle and roll their eyes when they see these clips - they GET it. They don't need anyone to tell them what they saw - they know what they saw.

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