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Colin is irritated again - says he's, "O.K. with backup QB position." heh
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/19/2022, 01:06:54

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The article ends with a comment as follows:

Kaepernick had a 1-10 record as a starting quarterback in 2016 and has gone unsigned after opting out of his contract that offseason. Many experts believe his political activism is the key reason teams are wary of signing him.

Huh!?! Back the truck up - a QB has a 1-10 record and some "experts" say the reason he's not getting any interest as QB is because of something OTHER than a 1-10 record as a starter.

Maybe it's just me but isn't a 1-10 record terrible? Wouldn't most starting QBs with that record not be surprised if there weren't any teams that wanted to hire them? See, the last time I checked the idea was to hire people who help you WIN games...

Maybe they need to stop finding EX-perts and find people who are still perts and ask their opinion instead.

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