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New York officials unconditionally release John Hinckley (no longer junior)- the assassin who shot Ronald Reagan, killed James Brady
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/15/2022, 14:44:07

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Just when you think New York government can't possibly sink any lower in depravity...

In an act of unbelievable wickedness, the monstrous, murderous lunatic John Hinckley* has not only been released from prison, but also found some SMF to finance his public musical performance, which is supposedly sold out!!! 

So I guess the only question is when will New Yorkers give Hinckley an award? Maybe a Civitan or some other recognition of his "courage" in shooting president Reagan, two police officers and paralyzing/killing James Brady (who survived the shooting but died years later of his injuries). 

After all it's blatantly obvious that a large number of democrat party members believe that people like Reagan (and anyone else who disagrees with/opposes 'Crats strongly) DESERVE to be murdered. 

Imagine the outcry if the 'Crats tried to release Sirhan Sirhan (the murderous muzz who assassinated Robert Kennedy)? 'Think he'd be selling out music shows? Or would he be working overtime hiding from countless angry people who wanted to kill him?

* Naturally the ignorant media still refer to John Hinckley as Junior, which is incorrect. See, when the father of a namesake dies, the "junior" disappears. So since John Hinckley Sr. died, John Hinckley Jr. is now just John Hinckley - murderer. 

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