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Re: Since there are never any penalties to people that make accusations of racism, it becomes the default defense. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/11/2022, 12:32:41

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In the Soviet Union, Maoist China et al, the catch-all accusation was "counter-revolutionary". If a citizen caught a public official doing wrong (stealing, oppressing, exploiting), they and their accusation would be dismissed by the authorities as "counter-revolutionary". If the complainer persisted, they would be arrested, imprisoned, "hospitalized", tortured or murdered outright. 

What the radical revolutionary socialists are trying to do with all media is to construct a cross-platform (private/government) mechanism for oppression to use against all adversaries, so they no longer have to compete in the arena of ideas ('can't do that with irrational/destructive policies). 

Radical revolutionary socialists are never content to merely disagree with adversaries over how to implement good policy - they always degenerate into regarding anyone who disagrees with or opposes them strongly as sub-human enemies, worthy of nothing good, only bad - up to and eventually, including murder. 

For example, the increase in terrorism encouraged by inflammatory rhetoric by government officials first massive cross-country rioting, now ecoterrorists being urged by 'Crat politicians to go into communities inhabited by 
"rich, white conservatives" to DEFLATE THEIR S.U.V. TIRES (yet the even more-lethal cow farts continue unabated as we speak!) 

Infinite outrage permits infinite entitlement to be violent. Today the ecoparanoids will be deflating tires, tomorrow they will be torching the cars, sabotaging them to make them crash and kidnapping/killing the drivers. 

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