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The idiotic Twitter ban has no-doubt given the BB a financial shot-in-the-arm.
Re: Under Florida Law Bengay Forced To Rebrand As Benstraight -- Babylon Bee -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/01/2022, 13:07:50

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It's difficult to believe that their subscription numbers have not increased significantly since being attacked (suspended) by ACF O&O Twitter for making fun of some lunatic who is biologically male claiming to be female. 

Maybe part of this obsession of the ACFs with renaming things is a God complex - they want to believe that they can create life or perform miracles like making Adam and Eve or something!?! 

To have people believe that like the Wizard of Oz, the government has such God-like power it can change males into females by proclamation. Because the government says it is so, we the People must also believe what the gpvenment  proclaims to be the truth, or be punished horribly -  imprisoned (even killed?)!! 

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