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Tongue twisters you can use to win bets...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/28/2022, 21:35:15

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Discussing the local wild bird population with my housemate - the renown Mocking Bird tendency to be aggressive, obnoxious, territorial with other species. We decided that they were "pit bulls of the bird world". I tried to say that three times fast and failed.

I'll eventually learn to do it, but I'm fairly sure I could win bets at the local pub challenging someone to do the same without practice.

Another one is taken from H-Wood Prop Departments - which are responsible for everything (other than actors/wardrobe) that the camera sees on the set that is not nailed down.

If a T.V./film production calls for an actor to be injured severely in a scene, the prop department must provide appropriate simulated blood (prop blood) for the shot.

Once when I was voicing amazement with the Prop Master's long hours and dedication to his job, I said, "I'd bet a Prop person bleeds prop blood." Or rather I tried to say it (and failed) several times.

Both of those are money.

I have also won a bet by picking up a quarter with a forklift without touching the quarter with anything but the forks.

Anyone who has worked in industrial warehouses (using standard lifts/tow motors) as long as I would likely know how to do the above.

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