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Henceforward anyone who does not refer to me as Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France (ret.) will be banned from Twitter/guillotined.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/21/2022, 14:29:56

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The legendary Babylon Bee – stalwart reality-loyalist Net service and
enemy-of-mendacity was recently banned by Twitter for stating that a male Xiden regime official who identifies 

himself as and dresses to make himself appear female, is still not in reality a female.  

I agree with Twitter. Twitter did the right thing banning the BB. Twitter is not afraid to declare that people

 henceforth will no longer bewho they really are but instead, who they SAY they are.

In line with this new ACF (anti-conservative fanatic) “reality”
I LFL shall henceforward refer to myself as and dress as Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France (Ret). 

Anyone who
states publicly, on Twitter or anywhere else on the Net, that I am NOT Napoleon
Bonaparte, Emperor of France (ret.) shall be persecuted (sic) to the full
extent of civil/criminal law in every possible way.

Those who steadfastly violate my wishes in this regard shall be guillotined.*

*This is a satirical composition intended as humor. It is not intended to be an actual threat to guillotine any person, 

living or dead. heh     

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