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Dang! The Saudis get down with (81) executions in 24 hours.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/12/2022, 22:54:45

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DJT and Gorka set things rolling with Arab street when the U.S. military was unleashed after two terms of pacifist/flexibility (appeasement) by the Eightball Obama. Once the pro-Western Arab nation's knew the U.S. had their back, they went to town on the networks in a multi-pronged, all-out assault on terrorism. Within two years ISIS was largely eradicated from 90% of their previously-held regions.

FYI the Saudi leadership is neither Shiite Twelvers or Sunni Salafists(Waahabi) they are shiekists (opposed to militant jihad or destruction of Western, non-Islamic governments). That's why the radical Islamists hate the Saudis so much.

The Saudi government has no patience with terror network- affiliated groups or people.

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