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The racist element to Harris's demented giggling when asked about refugees.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/11/2022, 12:55:48

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Harris likely does not give a damn about the refugees, because they are mostly white. Whether she wants to admit it or not, the ever-present, incipient racialism/racism of democrat party politicians is notorious. From Jessie Jackson's "Hymie-town" to Xiden's "clean, articulate black man," democrat-party members (and especially 'Crat leadership) have been blatantly racialist/racist for a long, long time.

Harris's giggle is a mixture of embarrassment at her own lack of preparedness, plus the usual, "I'm so thrilled to be me!" giddiness at her undeserved ascension to power/wealth, and blatant, casual indifference to the suffering/loss/deaths of white people.

In the doctrine of Marxism/anti-White bigotry, Caucasians/capitalists deserve nothing because they only succeeded because they are cruel, greedy, lazy OPPORTUNISTS, and so at best they deserve nothing - at worst they deserve great loss, injury, maiming and murder.

This is the doctrine of millions of Harris's followers, whether she acknowledges it to herself or not. It is also her legacy as a "leader" of such people.

Any Caucasian leader who laughed like that at a news conference with another head of state if BLACK people, nations and refugees were involved, would have to resign.

So there is a double-standard applied to political blunders it seems when 'Crat politicians are compared to non-'Crat politicians.

Special privileges for the elite Party members. My, how very THIRD WORLD of them.

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