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Here's a crime you won't see on Law and Order: PVU (Permanent Victims Unit)...two young homos murder 73 year-old.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/11/2022, 11:58:41

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Two Fugitives Wanted For Murder In Hawaii Captured In SoCal CBS Los Angeles (

The two murderers (likely a gay couple themselves) slaughtered a 73 year-old who was apparently in a (homosexual) relationship with one of them. Such lovely people.

They will both no doubt be sentenced to a "mandatory family reunion" in prison. I don't have to read the case file to know that they did it for the old fag's money. Two homosexual psychopaths who like to party. Nothing unusual there - the gay party circuit* is full of would-be Andrew Cunanans.

* Poorly-kept secret is that there is an international homosexual "party circuit" where any young homosexual male who likes to engage in Caligula-style decadence and doesn't like to work a real job, can find some willing idiotic older homo with money to "party" with them. Such activities usually include rampant hard-drug abuse (meth, etc.) which is of course well known to be a common factor associated with murder.

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