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Loose Buchanan (sic) can hit the mark occasionally.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/08/2022, 13:38:03

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Has an Alliance Established to Prevent War Just Ignited One? |

Paleo conservative or not, Pat Buchanan (the man who permanently wrecked algore's mind) although a rogue in many ways, sometimes hits the mark.

Constructing a consistent, strong U.S. foreign policy that includes effective military force, is the solution to maintaining world leadership and global stability. Without an Alpha in the White House (instead of an irritable, doddering, horny shuffle-board player), the world's population of despots do simple math to calculate their moves.

A U.S. "leader" who refuses to lead (who instead hides behind a "consensus" of other feckless, mumbling thumb-twiddlers) neutralizes any chance to instill fear in adversaries and enemies. Such a "neutral" stance (as if the USA should be like Switzerland) is a recipe for global chaos with despots running amok.

Even I, who have no degree in political science or foreign policy can deduce this from elementary facts of both ancient and recent history. Why can't the supposedly "superior" thinkers of the Xiden regime figure this out!?!

Say what you will of the previous administration - at least they had established a consistent message to the world - we will use military force like surgery - but if you become a problem, you will be removed like diseased tissue.

The Xiden regime et al, pout their lower lip, make sad eyes and say, "Gee! Don't you wanna' be fwends?" causing laughter from the grim, sinister forces of global aggression.

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