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It's more than most of us realize.
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Posted by: Dee Wee

03/03/2022, 10:02:55

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It was upsetting to see Biden aka Obama destroy the wonderful energy independence Trump gave us, but I've learned through my own research the results of this are far more treacherous than most of us realized.

It's not just that medical equipment and many other products are made from petroleum products, which means the prices will soar, but so is fertilizer for our farmers. We also purchased it from Russia, who will no longer be providing it.

Listening to Tucker Carlson as he spoke to a farmer last evening, I was astonished to learn the price and availability of fertilizer for the food we eat, is not only unavailable now, but that which is available means food prices will rise up to 1000%. They are squeezing the US and the entire world into their new RESET, thanks to the two idiots I truly believe were never elected!

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