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I saw this commentary on Last Refuge and I thought it was worth repeating
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Posted by: Dee Wee ®

03/01/2022, 12:00:11

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I really think most brain washed Americans don’t get the significance of how this digital age has put them at risk. One’s entire life can’t be stopped and totally canceled with the stroke of a keyboard by some petty bureaucrat in Washington DC.

Our bank accounts, credit cards, savings accounts, stock holdings and other financial assets can be locked and shut down in a heart beat. One of the first things the government locked up in the 1930s were Safe Deposit boxes. This without the help today’s digital financial technology. People with saved wealth might as well have had nothing. It became illegal to own gold. History will repeat itself. This time with a vengeance. 

It’s the same group of American dullards who fought to line up for a dangerous gene therapy injection they knew absolutely nothing about, and still don’t, who live in the fantasy of a wonderful government utopian controlled world. The mass psychosis was and is something to behold. I observed it in family members and people all around me. The group US citizens coerced into the injections calculates out to approximately 210,000,ooo people! The KoolAid drinkers and non critical thinkers are, unfortunately, a large percentage of our population. The continuing fight for individual rights and freedoms is a huge uphill battle because of that easily manipulated huge segment of our society. As I write there are “some” dupes who are waking up to the reality that they have been ‘shagged’. (British term) Some are pissed. Some are too full of pride to admit the truth. Others think they are exceptionally smart to have gotten their ‘free’ vaccine therapy. Dumb asses all!

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