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Okay, Tin foil hat time? I have several thoughts on the Ukraine situation. I have wavered over the last weeks, but I think I may have at least some of the answers. China is orchestrating a great deal here.
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Posted by: Dee Wee

03/01/2022, 11:55:56

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WEF is orchestrating a great deal here.

WEF, CHINA and Biden have never worried about Russia invading other nations. Why say they are worried this time?

I believe there are many pieces of this puzzle. Among them are the consideration this entire actions is going to cause a new currency/digital/crypto that can issue ESG scores and allow the governments to control every person.

It's concerning that until an outsider--Zelensky, who defended Trump on that phone call-- every leader was a corrupt Russian puppet given the blessings of all corrupt leaders around the world who used Ukraine as their playground for evil-- child trafficking laundering by banks and oil corruption as seen by Biden's/Romney's/Pelosi/Kerry's, etc.

Soooo, I'm thinking both China and Soros/WEF would be happy getting rid of both Zelensky and Putin, and put two replacements more agreeable with their corrupt global plan. Looks like Russia/Putin was tired of the globalism.

I also believe China is playing the ends against the middle. China needs a permanent source of oil and wheat. They just signed an agreement with Russia for oil pipelines into China, to be constructed by Chinese workers. While they appear to be supporting Russia, they know if Putin is eliminated, they can just remain and take over the pipelines and move into that area. Many Chinese work in Siberia already. It sure would help them in their plans to take over Taiwan....

Any other ideas? I'm open to listen. All I know is something is really wrong with the fact that Soros and the usual left-wing suspects are defending Ukraine--not Zelensky.

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