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Playing "whack-a-troll" on Fox News comments section. heh
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/01/2022, 06:57:41

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What a GAS! The troll legions are apparently in disarray - they seem to be sending their "D"-list squad to fracas. It's like that scene in The Matrix movie where the hero Neo finally masters the system, and effortlessly fights-off the evil Agents with one hand behind his back. 

Comments are on an article reporting a horrible recent triple-homicide (random nut with history of domestic violence, tracked down and murdered three of his daughters). Two of the peripheral facts of the case have attracted politicians like Gavin Newsom, who made some stupid statement about "senseless gun violence". Obviously it made "sense" to the murderer so it was not in fact totally senseless (highlighting the fact that such a crime could only be perpetrated by a complete lunatic who was severely detached from reality).

The 'Crats are trying to score political points by focusing on the facts that: (1) the murderer attacked the girls in a church (2) the murderer used a firearm to murder them.

So I punished the trolls posting nonsense - one at a time. 

I used facts - such as that international studies by law enforcement agencies (Interpol/FBI) show that people who are committed passionately to murder (psychotics/fanatics) will invariably (virtually always) seek a secondary (or tertiary) weapon to accomplish their psychotic goal of murder if their first choices are unavailable for any reason. If a firearm is not obtainable (legal or otherwise) to such persons, they don't just give up - they seek other means...until they succeed in launching their murderous attack. They don't change their minds easily.

The response to the comment from the viewers of the article was very positive! The ACFs* who posted adversary comments were so easily was FUN!!! The primary post received over 300 positive up-votes with less than 20 down-votes so far. 

To go to the article:

'A great many incisive comments from smart people!! To see the thread I started (with 300+ up-votes) go to the comments and select for "Best" instead of "Newest" posts. There I am  LaterForLunch where I found many brothers-in-arms aligned with Truth. 

The sheer FEEBLENESS of the ACF's posts was astonishing. I can't remember ever seeing such weakness in debate skills from the 'Crat trolls. A large number of them are so deranged they get reported and removed for violations of policy (BLM/ANTIFA no doubt) before I can vivisect them in the open arena. 

I thought radical revolutionary socialists (Marxists/ACFs) were supposed to be the smartest of the SMART!?! heh 

The "A" squad must be otherwise occupied. heh

The 'Crats seem to be...pensive. The more-capable ones are not posting much or their minds are failing. Leaving only the diaper-squad (the Ignorami) to dig holes for themselves repeatedly heh  

Everything I posted on that comments section was the Gospel truth. Passion-killers are assassins - if they can't get a tommy gun, they use nerve gas but they eventually GO FOR IT...banning guns or making them harder or impossible to obtain does not reduce the murder rate much for most developed countries (second tier or above). 

When the government all-but banned firearms in Japan for instance, the murder rate (although very low) remained flat. No significant reduction. That's likely because (unforeseen consequences) violent criminals knowing that to be caught with a firearm would result in the harshest punishment, began murdering witnesses to their gun-crimes to lessen the chance of being caught. The penalty for murder was you see, only slightly harsher than that for simply using a gun, so they figured WTF!?! Instead of letting the witnesses who might have seen their faces walk, they put two in their chest and one in their forehead as insurance. So the increase in those sorts of murders offset any deterrent effect due to lower general availability. The criminals still had PLENTY of guns, so they could prey on the population at will, knowing them to be unarmed. Om Shrin Kyo temple terrorists used nerve gas on a subway in Japan when they couldn't easily get firearms or explosives. 

Basic principle of Natural Law - with violent criminals, fear=respect. Nothing less and nothing more. If they aren't afraid of what might happen to them if they attack someone, they will increase the magnitude and frequency of attacks. Imagine that!! (rolls eyes) 

*ACFs = Anti-Conservative-Fanatics

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