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It's all getting away from them...Kanye West samples Harris, mocks atheist Morgan Freman at performance.
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02/23/2022, 04:08:50

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Kanye West samples Kamala Harris' 'We did it, Joe' moment in Donda 2 performance | Fox News

Ever the iconoclast Mr. West has little patience with BS (a trait he seems to share with DJT). 

The unified front of 'Crat support from black people is fracturing dramatically. The attacks from democrat party officials/celebrities on Dave Chappelle for calling BS on the "transgender" idiocy has backfired (Netflix just signed him to a lucrative deal despite shrill protesting from 'Crats and other ACFs). 

Kanye's support for DJT and his conversion to Christianity, combined with record voter turnout from black people for DJT and other non-'Crats is no doubt troubling the waters of the Party. 

It's reassuring to see how shook up they are - and how they fall back ever on the same losing strategery (sic) of PERSONALLY ATTACKING/THREATENING anyone who disagrees strongly with them, even black people. That is how desperate the 'Crats are becoming as November 2022 comes ever-nearer to them and the polls keeping dropping for their leaders and causes. 

You can even see it in the comments section of conservative news web sites - the trolls keep getting their posts deleted because so many of them violate guidelines (the most common being posting misinformation or vituperation/insults). The less-capable trolls are posting more while the smarter 'Crats are posting less - sensing the futility of trying to defend the indefensible, perhaps.

 I don't even bother refuting most of the comments I see these days, other than to encourage them to, "please keep digging," because their hysterical, kooky, one-note-symphonies of Russia Russia Russia and other nonsense are continuing unabated, which simply loses support for 'Crats every time some undecided voters read their alarming, infantile, savage thoughts. 

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