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" We the public are at the global theater. And we are watching a tragicomedy." To elitists, nothing is real other than their own fantasy universe.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/23/2022, 01:41:34

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I often get the feeling watching 'Crats bolviate (nods to O'Reilly) especially Xiden, that they really want to be news anchors and simply be granted status as superior to everyone simply by putting on a serious facial expression and describing things that are happening. As if in the act of describing, they somehow automatically gain unimpeachable credibility as "leaders".

Mr. Hanson is one of the SMIA for sure. In this largely and increasingly savage era, I am concerned for his safety. With those who have direct knowledge of CLinton Foundation participation in Jeff Epstein's affairs (Slick Willie's frequent visits to Rape Island, etc.) dying in prison, it makes one wonder if assassination by high-tech, untraceable means will (or already has) enter the public domain as an everyday occurrence.

The 'Crats (ACFs) have dragged us all back into the Bad Old Days in so many ways - why not also to the time of the Borgias, when assassination of one's political adversaries was as common as shaking hands.

If I were VDH, I wouldn't touch any food or drink he or someone he trusts did not prepare personally. Polonium abounds in a world where Putin has no fear - 'Crats are forever following regressive leads in world affairs, so why not that one?

VDH had better watch his back.

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