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Denali is all over this - he pointed out that tyranny is already here - the FBI aided a political campaign to spy on/destroy a political opponent.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/16/2022, 15:38:41

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Mr. Levin asked, "If that is not tyranny, then what is tyranny !?!" Well, he screamed it more than said it. The Great Reset is all about tyranny of the Great against the Small. The sea-change from free Western governments being required to serve the needs of the People to serving the government's own needs and those of corporations aligned with government.

A superior life-form which will supplant Humanity at the top of the Food Chain with humans being trampled underfoot.

I think it is becoming clear that many (most) of the planet's Big Shots (billionaires) have decided that great freedom is too much for the People to manage responsibly, so the Oligarchs have opted for control of the People, over service to the People.

Maybe the Big Shots' computer models have told them that great freedom is too dangerous/unstable over the long run, so it has to go - for everyone's, "best interests".

It's sort of like a period in history similar to if the Roman Empire obtained high technology (computers, thermonuclear weapons, spaceships, genetic engineering, robots).

SF author William Gibson wrote a lot about it in his cyber-punk novels. I am afraid all of us will live to see much of his nightmare visions come to pass. Gibson wrote of something that is nothing less than an alliance between organized crime and government - forming an unassailable, savage techno-empire where morality and the Rule of Law are no longer governing factors of day-to-day life for most of the planet's population.

Such an empire would also sort of be like the dinosaurs with technology. Godless, insensitive, self-serving and utterly atavistically amoral at the highest levels. Perhaps God will hit the Reset Button Himself, as He apparently did for the dinosaurs, when they failed to evolve beyond purest savagery in 200 million years at the top of the Food Chain.

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