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Michael Rectenwald's "Great Reset" delineates R Buckminster Fuller's prediction of a unification of multinational corporations/governments.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/15/2022, 19:27:13

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Fuller was the first to bring the idea to my awareness, that the most dangerous trend in the world generally was that of the unification of government with multinational corporations. The obvious problem with that from a humanistic POV is of course that such an entity would have little (or no) concern with any of the values of the U.S. Constitution, the Enlightenment, modern Classical Liberalism, Libertarianism, Theism or capitalism (except insofar as those things may be made to serve The Great Cause). 

Michael Rectenwald is a former Marxist. And what better person to know what is wrong with something than someone who was intimately knowledgeable about it? The same could be said of Arthur Koestler, who was a former Communist in the USSR, turned avowed anti-Communist after he saw the monstrous reality of what he'd helped to create. 

Rechtenwald explains what the machinations of the Great Reset process are and how we are all being subjugated to slowly, many (most) of us being totally oblivious to the process. 

The above link is for the lecture the professor gave at Hillsdale, but I'm trying to find a text version to post. It has also been recently published on the Hillsdale newsletter Imprimis, to which I subscribe. 

Bucky Fuller would I'm certain, have been delighted that someone had picked up the thread of what he tried to warn everyone about back in 1982 when he first published the book Critical Path. In that book Fuller discussed the evolving onslaught against global freedom/humanism from the soulless, wicked, reptilian globalist movement

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