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Goodness, what great writing!! BTW, decades ago, some friends and I wrote something we titled "Affirmative Action Airlines"...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/13/2022, 23:35:28

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AA Airlines had two conniving, marginally sub-normal Norwegians named Jamal and Damone as the central characters. The two are sitting around their apartment enjoying the bounty of a recent riot in which they stole ten cases of Diet Pepsi, a T.V. and several big boxes of McDonald's ketchup packets. They are without funds (of course) being unemployed and prone to being spendthrifts. One sees an ad for airline pilot training and they decide to apply.

They show up at the interview and encounter a "compassionate" liberal who accepts the fake documentation they present without question, and lets them into the airline pilot training school. The reason the instructor is not concerned is that airplanes have new, very advanced robot controls, so all the pilots really have to do is sit there and let the robotic controls do everything. The school is anxious to meet the government quota of "underserved" ethnicities in their program and elevate the two to pilots after only a week of "training".

When the two arrive at the airport to get onto their plane, they notice the fuel truck that is unattended. They learn that aviation fuel is much more-expensive than regular gasoline, so they switch a nearby truck with gasoline for the aviation fuel, planning to steal the truck and sell it for more money than they would have gotten for gasoline only. They celebrate the "stupid white people" who don't notice that they have filled the airplane they are flying with gasoline instead of aviation fuel.

Once aloft, the plane naturally stalls in flight and crashes. The two are the only survivors, because the robot is so efficient, it actually manages to land the airplane without killing them (although it is almost totally destroyed along with the evidence of their fuel swap).

They are hailed as heroes by the media, but the FAA figures out what happened. The feds let them go (to avoid embarrassment for the government) which leaves the two in the closing scene sitting back in their apartment, watching T.V. using rabbit ears (no cable) still broke sipping warm Diet Pepsi (cause their fridge is broken) trying to come up with recipes that use ketchup.

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