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Just more 'Crat effort to provoke/upset normal people.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/13/2022, 12:33:12

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The 'Crat strategery for a while has been to provoke violent retribution against them (Jan 6th, etc), which may be (and has been) used as effective propaganda (especially with independent voters). 

Marxists and other fascists with unpopular views have used this desperate ploy since time immemorial to try to help their own losing causes. 

It has really been ratcheted-up post-Viet Nam, when for the first time, mass media fully converted words into powerful munitions which can help (and have helped) to achieve real victories in hot wars for despots. 

When attempting to combat such cacogenic infamy, it is important to realize that the central objective for them is to upset people - so one immediately neutralizes their central purpose by remaining phlegmatic and by not responding in an overly-emotional (excessively-angry) manner. 

Refusing to get upset, in turn UPSETS THE A.C.F.s*!!!! So it is a nice reverse-pin** when you either laugh at them or ignore them in the face of such infantile, moronic nonsense. 

Extremist things like that from the 'Crats have already lost them the non-aligned voters, so it is a sigil of their desperation to provoke some violent response which can regain the support of those who dislike extremism and ideological policy-making (independent voters). 

Take such things as a good sign that largely and increasingly the 'Crats are desperate to neutralize the political damage they have done to themselves recently. It equates to a political Hail-Mary-pass. It is VERY risky politically to continually provoke independent voters with radical BS. 

If the provocation doesn't work, it loses them even MORE voters in the final analysis. It is a fairly practical strategery (sic) for them because they know they are already behind the Eightball and have little to lose, but potentially much to gain if they can provoke violence in response. 

Let's remember that politics is chess, not checkers. 

*A.C.F.s - Anti-Conservative Fanatics 

** Reverse pin - In competitive wrestling, it's a countermove. When one has been briefly pinned (shoulders touching the mat for less than three seconds) it's a swift, skillful maneuver when the opponent who pinned them reverses their move i.e.,  "pinning the pinner". It's considered one of the more-elegant, deft moves a wrestler can execute (it humiliates the opponent). When I was wrestling in high school, the first time I managed to do a reverse pin, I finally understood the power of strategery (sic). The coach smiled when he saw it, 'cause it meant I had been following his training!!  My opponent was a little bigger than me and I still beat him 'cause he relaxed too soon, thinking he had won.

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