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Even mild/moderate head trauma (concussion) is not a small's apparently what killed Saget.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/09/2022, 22:22:07

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The family of the recently-deceased T.V. actor/writer/comedian Bob Saget (one of the few in H-Wood with whom I have no problem politically, since he was to my knowledge not a Marxist/ACF or similar lunatic) revealed that he hit the back of his head somehow after doing a show, thought nothing of it, likely took some aspirin to help with the headache, went to bed and never woke up.

The problem with brain trauma is that people don't take them seriously enough. A brain concussion is a "brain bruise" which means there is likely some tissue damage with some internal bleeding. In mild and moderate concussions, the injury heals itself fairly well and may never show any major side-effects or permanent problems.

However, taking aspirin after a brain concussion is dangerous because aspirin is not just an analgesic, it's also an anticoagulant. So if there is any brain-bleeding the aspirin will inhibit clotting and it may continue to bleed unchecked. That is likely what happened to the poor bastard.

As many with a small, slow leak in their plumbing discover, even a very small, slow drip can end up causing a significant amount of fluid to leak onto the floor over many hours. In such a case like a basement drip, all that happens is you walk down the stairs in the morning and find a flood.

But when a brain leaks fluid into a skull, there is no drain or open space for the fluid to spread out. The pressure from the fluid building up can cause a seizure or blockage which may (obviously) be fatal.

Since Mr. Saget was wealthy, the best thing for him to have done after his injury was to have gone immediately to an emergency room for a scan just to be certain there was no significant bleeding Even if they had found nothing at that time, they would likely have warned him not to take aspirin if he had a headache (common after a concussion) but use acetaminophen (Tylenol) instead because that can reduce inflammation/swelling as well as aspirin but does not interfere with clotting. They would also likely have advised him not to sleep or stay alone without having someone check on him frequently during the night to make sure he did not slip into a coma (as he did).

So what would likely have happened without a large injury or aspirin, was that any slow bleeding would have stopped soon instead of going all night, and he would still be alive.

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