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There has been serious complaining from wokeholes demanding that the term "black hole" be removed from the scientific lexicon.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/09/2022, 15:08:44

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Another case for Law and Order: PVU (Permanent Victims Unit)

Actually, technical people generally prefer the term "gravitational singularity" - the term "black hole" was coined because it was easier for laymen to use/understand.

Such phenomena are in all cases NEVER actually black when observed by telescopes, because a massive corona of highly-active (hot) gas surrounds them due to the violence of the crushing of atoms being sucked "down" into them. Quasars (among the most-luminous objects in the universe) are all thought to have super-massive gravitational singularities (black holes) at their cores.

So in a practical sense, even though a black hole WOULD be black (because it emits/reflects no visible light) if it was not surrounded by hot gas, none of them when viewed through telescopes are dark - so in one sense, the name is a misnomer.

Now, imagine trying to convince the general public to start using, "gravitational singularity," instead of, "black hole," and watch the wokeholes start complaining about "white-splaining".

It's characteristic of the emotionally disturbed (especially wokeholes these days) to be eternally upset. Normal people simply can't win when trying to appease people who are determined to be upset about everything and everything else.

Like pissy, tantrum-addicted five-year-olds, some adults are not happy (sic) unless they have something to complain bitterly about which allows them to claim to be victims.

This is similar to how some moronic radical feminists complained that airplanes/rockets were deliberately shaped like male phalluses because of chauvinism.

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