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The complete idiocy of ACF hatred for normality on display in "transgender athlete" controversy.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/04/2022, 14:17:02

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The fact that it's even "controversial" shows how much damage the ACFs (self-described liberals) have done to our culture. 

Gender is not just determined by what people do or wear or "feel" - it's physiology. Duh. Males are male because in their fetal stage, testosterone was present in much higher levels than in females. Testosterone not only determines the type of reproductive organs a person has, in males it gives them three times the muscle-density of a female (regardless of whether they work out or not). 

Higher testosterone levels also causes males to burn biological energy much faster in higher amounts than females. 

Both of the above qualities are directly related to physical performance in competitive settings. Duh. 

The ACF hatred for the normal is so intense, they will even ignore basic biological science in their desperate effort to convince themselves (and everyone else) that human beings (not God/Nature) are all-powerful.

 The ACFs NEED to believe that that God/Nature are irrelevant to the human condition. This is identical to how psychotics need to believe their own ideas-of-reference (not science/  facts) about the universe. 

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