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DNCNN head Jeff Zucker resigns (...just in case anyone hasn't heard the good news yet).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/02/2022, 14:20:07

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It's ostensibly over some undisclosed affair the fool had - a staffer with whom he openly, publicly fraternized as a couple- 'sounds like mebbe the fool's using that as an excuse to leave the struggling DNCNN before it tanks (rebrands). Or mebbe the fool's hiding something. For example before she was at DNCNN, Zucker's hoe worked closely with Gov. "Murderhouse" Cuomo's regime.

Zucker fired Chris Cuomo for his "inappropriate" attempts to help his brother's corrupt regime using DNCNN resources. Hmmm. Blackmail? Extortion? Revenge?

Interesting that on the Fox article - new comments right now are posting @ roughly 300 per minute. Most are variations of "good riddance".

I think it's naive to believe this is not a fully-calculated move from Zucker. Xiden or some other 'Crat would hire this fool in a minute - some BS cabinet post as reward for converting a national "news-reporting" network into a propaganda wing of a political party without losing its operating license.

DNCNN's network is clearly an undeclared donation to the DNC worth an inestimably massive amount financially. Even more-importantly ACF* media, aided by DNCNN's 24/7 propaganda network is worth +8% in every national election vote-total. On average about one-in-ten people are influenced to vote for a major democrat cause/candidate by ACF*-broadcast/cable TV in every national election.

*ACF - Anti-conservative fanatic

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