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Whoopi needs to change her name again to Himmler or Goering...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/02/2022, 05:44:20

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...since they are much closer to her authentic feelings about Jews. 

See, "Goldberg" (her real name is Caryn Johnson) changed her name SOLELY to further her career when her mother convinced her that her name wasn't, "Jewish enough," to succeed in (Jew-controlled) H-Wood. The freak changed her name from Johnson to Goldberg, claiming that she, "always felt she was Jewish," (rolls eyes). This even though she obviously has not the slightest understanding of modern Jewish history or Judaism).

Her unutterably stupid statement, "the Holocaust was not really about race..." will stand for all time now, as what it is - a sigil of anti-Semitism (including that of self-hating Jews). She has aligned herself (unintentionally) with the latter group, for whom being Jewish (which she hilariously is NOT!!) is an ethnic-identifier which they believe entitles them to being, "part of the club," and enjoying all of the benefits, without actually having any use for or understanding of the Jewish people, or religious traditions whatsoever.  

So in one idiotic comment, this moron self-identifies as both a JINO (fake "Jew In Name Only") and a complete ignoramus. Bravo, madame!! Well DONE!! 

If changing her name to pander to Jews in H-Wood to benefit her own career is not enough humiliation, now she can enjoy the "status" of being a self-hating fake Jew. This puts her much closer to the attitudes of many (most) self-described Jews in H-Wood whose "religion" first-and-foremost is anti-conservative fanaticism (Marxism), with Judaism second (or not at all). 

That is for the moron's career a perfect swan dive into the rocks. 

Good riddance to a fake-Jewish, Marxist ghetto-child with the mind of a flea, the habits of a tick and the deeply-abiding, atavistic repulsiveness of a naked mole rat.  

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