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I wouldn't put anything past the ACFs in their aspirations, but doubt they have the ability.
Re: Does anyone know where that truck full of monkeys was being transported. Apparently, the woman who went near the truck and took a peak is sick. What labs? What was wrong with the monkeys? -- Dee Wee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/26/2022, 14:32:33

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One thing that stands out with ACFs (Marxists) is their inherent stupidity, inefficiency and general incompetence.

As far as I can see, their basic strategery(sic) of increasing and worsening chaos/loss/disorder to try to profit politically from the results is their one and only plan.

Soros and his people are capable of some sophistication/subtlety in executing intrigues, but they are the exception.

The monkeys were reportedly going to labs for general purposes of experimentation (Wuhan Flu is the big focus for labs these days) which seems normal.

It has occurred to me that these variants which keep coming out may in fact not be naturally evolving but may be getting released into the world deliberately by the ChiComs. Since the original Wuhan plague came from there (after they created it in one of their labs) and we have still not been able to assign blame or bring accountability to that issue, my assumption is that the PRC may be continuing their efforts to harm / destroy their enemies (the free world) through the same methods.

Why wouldn't they? They idea that the world is just casually going to the Olympics in China like nothing happened is just beyond insane.

If I were emperor, several ChiCom cities would have already been nuked in retaliation for what they have done to the world. They MUST be punished so horribly that they NEVER contemplate doing this to the world again.

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