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When I look over the stats and the newest information coming from the CDC and other resources, I don't know how we will ever get to the truth about what is going on here. Clearly, Fauci's financials indicate he is quite wealthy and highly invested in
Re: " The government has basically rewarded hospitals for helping them to exaggerate the infection-rate." -- Kinda makes a lot of those stats meaningless. (Which is Ok because I didn't believe most of them anyway.) -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee Wee ®

01/23/2022, 15:37:16

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China, which would explain his denial of WUHAN being the birthplace of the virus, but allowing so many people to die WITH covid, is criminal. The key is $$$$$$$$ and the doctors and hospitals are getting well paid to participate in the fraud of it all, even to the point of obeying Fauci and not allowing proper therapeutics to be used in hospitals. From all the deep diving I've done to find out why, I can only say, it's a collaboration between the $$$$ Big Pharma and Klaus Schwab and the depopulation folks.

This is murder as far as I am concerned. Now, even more truth is coming out about the damage the  vaccines have caused and are continuing to cause, especially among the young. This is a NIGHTMARE!

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