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Never went that fast, except in a plane. Between 110 & 120 was about my top.
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Posted by: Russ Walden

01/22/2022, 13:04:46

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The speed limit in Montana used to "reasonable and prudent." I was testing the concept late one moonlight night in Montana in a Jaguar XK140M. I was approaching 120 when the flashing red lights got me.

It was a friendly conversation after I recited the "reasonable and prudent" line. He admitted that he was just bored and wanted to see what kind of car it was. He did ask me, "How fast will that thing go?" I said I didn't know, but I was trying to find out when he stopped me. We parted congenially, but I got into the mountains soon thereafter, so I didn't try again. Wouldn't have been "prudent." :-)

Things we do when we are younger and dumber.

Take care,

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