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Britain (PM Boris Johnson) following the science, ends most Wuhan Virus restrictions as pandemic peaks.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/19/2022, 14:49:23

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Betting Omicron Has Peaked, Johnson Drops COVID Rules in England |

There are many areas in the world which have fared well in the pandemic without Draconian Statist Gestapo tactics 

The emergency powers forcing masks, injections (not vaccinations, since vaccinations actually prevent catching the illness), other accoutrements born largely of hysteria, are ineffective at lowering any of the most important numbers (infection rate, transmission rate, hospitalization rate, death rate).

 So there is no rational reason to continue to try to force people to conform to Correct Thought. The important numbers will go up or down, but trying to impose a vice-like strangle-hold on any free population with endless, oppressive, destructive, asinine demands/laws/regulations is at best unnecessary and at worst, evil (needlessly destructive to innocent people).  

Of course most Marxists (as most Satanists) don't believe that ANYONE is innocent. 

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