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It ain't complicated, so why do some folks insist on making it so?
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

01/16/2022, 20:17:01

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Guns or Roses?
Submitted by:">Mark A. Taff

Scripture assumes a theology of protection. Consider the nuanced laws regarding whether a woman’s cry can be heard if she is attacked (Deut. 22:22-27). There is no command for her rescue. It is assumed that the community would save her upon hearing her scream. It seems some moral obligations are so obvious that God doesn’t need to command them.

He simply expects others to rescue as He rescues when hearing their cries: “You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him . . . . You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child. If you do mistreat them, and they cry out to me, I will surely hear their cry, and my wrath will burn, and I will kill you with the sword”

Comment by: PHORTO (1/16/2022)
"Perhaps in the name of self-sacrifice (Matt. 16:24) the Christian should let himself or herself be killed rather than take the intruder’s life. No doubt, this would be morally permissible and even commendable."

Only in the abstract. In reality, it is rubbish.


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