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BTW - to the point of the topic...the death-rate for C-19 is about 150 in 100K...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/16/2022, 16:59:09

Author Profile Mail author Edit least in my own city. In others with multi-generational homes and institutionalized high-poverty (70-100%) the death rate is as high as 450 per 100K.

That means for people in my community, the general death rate for those infected with C-19 is about 1 out of 1000. In that same time period more people in the same (or similar) group will have died from either suicide, car accidents, heart-failure, drug overdose, or cancer (i.e., just about anything else).

In many of the higher-risk communities, young people are more-likely to die from a gunshot wound than C-19 by a factor of ten or more (Compton, CA).

So a death-rate of 150 per 100K is fairly low, especially for a pandemic. The Spanish Flu (which possibly also came from China) had a death rate as high as 2000 at peak (30% of those infected, died). The percentage rate of death for those infected with C-19 is something like 0.5 % (one-in-200 infected die).

So we need to put this in perspective to other existential threats.

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