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Unintended consequences - fourteen vehicles burn in fire started by electric car.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/13/2022, 21:45:55

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This happened last night locally. Vehicles in an open-air, covered car port area (parked side-by-side) burned quickly once fuel ignited in the car next to the burning electric car. Gasoline burns very hot. A couple of teenagers who woke up and saw the fire tried unsuccessfully to extinguish the flames with residential water hoses. By the time the FD was hooked up and able to pour a high volume of water on it, eight cars were already fully engulfed, with six more a total loss by the time it was out.

I know the building manager and spoke with her a few minutes ago - she said after pulling video from cameras on site for various investigators (LASD / LAFD) from 2-4 am, one of the effected residents came up to her and demanded to know when work would start on rebuilding the parking structure!! The ashes were STILL HOT, and yet he and his angry wife wanted to know why construction wasn't going to start immediately. The manager (a lovely, infinitely-patient, wise Latina named Betty) simply stared at them wondering if they were serious (they were) then calmly told them the truth, "Insurance people (LFL-adjusters) will be here tomorrow along with the owner to complete reports/documentation before the work will be able to start. So sorry for the inconvenience but there's really nothing that can be done to speed it up." Duh.

Then after they had gone (grumbling and cursing), she muttered,"...rude, ignorant mojados," under her breath and went off to try to get some rest.

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