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SCOTUS ruling ending gov-mandated vax for business...turning back from the brink...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/13/2022, 15:38:49

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For a long time many conservatives have no doubt felt like crew on a ship like the Titanic - knowing disaster is looming inevitably but unable to convince the ship to change course.

This administration's dogma just got run over by its karma.

These are interesting times - in the most morbid sense of the term (excepting only that hot wars have not increased, on top of everything else).

It's all been fascinating to watch from a psychological perspective. To observe how long it takes for people's direct perceptions (their own eyes, ears) and ability to think critically to overtake a specious narrative/cognitive dissonance from the 'Crats.

Rank-and-file Democrats are in some cases not just becoming non-aligned (independent),but becoming Republicans.

One serious concern is how reliable polling shows nearly 70% of general public say they don't want DJT to run again. About an equal amount of registered Republicans say they do want DJT to run again.

There are a growing plethora of worthy candidates emerging from the conservative ranks of the Republican party (plus a couple of independents). DJT could afford to sit it out and not feel that he's abandoning the cause.

Desantis is an obvious contender if he wants to run. Ted Cruz looks fairly strong also (Sen. Cruz is still my first choice with Gov. Desantis rising each month).

For those of us who have followed politics for a long time, the pendulum swing is a familiar sight. The nation periodically swings far left, then back the other direction to some degree.

The 'Crats have never moderated their own radical, violent, destructive tendencies - they always push things too far then get turned out by election waves.

It's roughly a 20-year cycle from my POV.

The Election Law (filibuster removal) appears also to be stalled/dead thanks to a couple of Democrat Senators who appear to actually have a conscience (or DO they...?)

So hopefully this trend of turning back from the cliff edge will endure - for everyone's (including the 'Crats own) best interests.

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