It will deploy a sectional mirror gradually over 6 months.
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12/27/2021, 20:45:19

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One correction, I was reading a description of a prototype design that was discarded in the planning phase. This scope has a sophisticated solar shield that provides all of the protection needed from heat. It will be at lagrange point #2 about three times the distance to the moon (outward) but not in shadow of any large body.

The self-deployment will be fascinating from an engineering POV. Marvelous machine. It's designed to never be touched by a human repair crew (orbit is too far out). All robot all of the time, ad infinitum.

The information video below was apparently put together by a European, so the primitive computer-generated voice-over sounds like English is not the creator's first language (drops some particles in the sentence structure). It's otherwise informative, if a little annoying for the latter reason.

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